The Advantages of Land Title Surveys

Land title registration’s primary goals are to protect property rights, facilitate land transactions, and allow land to be used as collateral for a loan. Furthermore, a title encourages land investment, providing impetus for long-term economic development.


Buford land title survey is a crucial legal document that can help you protect your property rights. It can also help you avoid violating any easements. As a homebuyer, it’s essential to know the exact boundaries of your property, so you don’t infringe on someone else’s property.

A survey can also help you get an accurate picture of the condition of your property. Your attorney or buyer’s agent can use it to address potential issues, and the building department may have a copy of the survey on file. A land title survey can be a vital part of the closing process, and you should never overlook it.

A land title survey can tell you everything you need to know about your property. It includes a written description of the property, street address, and location of buildings and improvements. A title search can also uncover any violations against the property, which can affect its marketability. A land title survey can also tell you a lot about the history of your property. Therefore, you should request a study when you first meet with a seller or listing agent.


Some common elements must be included regardless of the reason for a land title survey. For example, an ALTA/NSPS survey should indicate the existing improvements on a property and their relationship to the exterior boundary, ownership lines, and easements.

Additionally, it should provide information about any existing easements or restrictions on the property. This type of survey should meet all ALTA/ASCM requirements and be insured by the title company.

Land Title Surveys

When drafting your scope, you should consider whether you want to include other services. This is why it is critical to define your scope up front clearly. This will avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary delays.

You can sign up for ALTA webinars for more information on ALTA surveys. Besides ensuring high-quality work, ALTA surveys are also on time and on schedule. To make your survey a success, you’ll want to establish clear expectations with your surveyor. They will be able to help you navigate any changes in guideline requirements and be a valuable advisor.


Land title surveys must meet specific requirements. These include an accurate legal description of the property, a current title commitment, and a summary of the rights of way and other restrictions that apply to the property. Additionally, surveyors must display any encroachments or easements graphically on the survey map.

They can show existing features, such as buildings and rights of way, on a property. These are also used to help title companies understand the boundaries of a property. These are essential documents to have for a transaction.

It must also include details regarding a property’s features, such as property lines and underground easements. In addition, the surveyor must note the existence of any recorded easements and disclose them to the title company.

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