Kelim Rugs are woven textiles that combine natural materials such as wool, cotton, and rare silk. The rugs are unique and beautiful, with various styles and colors. Kelim rugs are double-sided; hence a have a longer lifespan. Because of how durable the mats are, they are for multiple purposes but above all for walking upon. Since they are for walking upon, you can leave the rugs on the floor without worries, but special care is required to clean and maintain them.

There are various ways of cleaning Kelim rugs, such as hand cleaning and vacuuming, but avoid using strong detergents. Therefore, to preserve your kelim rug, you will require to know a few guidelines on how to care for and maintain them:

· Hand Cleaning Kelim Rugs

Before you begin hand cleaning, ensure there is no dust on its surface by sweeping the rug’s top surface and the other bottom side. Removing the dust will help in getting rid of loose debris on the rug. Since strong detergents may destroy the mats, you can use a mixture of carpet shampoo, vinegar, and warm water. Use a saturated brush stroking over the kelim rug on both the upper and bottom sides in vertical strokes then horizontal strokes. Finally, wash out the cleaning solution using clean water to rinse the kelim rug and then leave it to dry. While drying, ensure you turn it after some time to ensure both sides of the rug are completely dry.

· Vacuuming Kelim Rugs

Vacuuming frequently keeps the rug free of dust and dirt. While vacuuming, avoid a revolving brush on the vacuum and use a low suction setting so that you do not damage the rag. As you vacuum, ensure you do it to both the upper and bottom side since, unlike other types of rugs, Kelim rugs are hand-knotted and do not have the backing. Remember not to vacuum the Kelim rug’s fringe so that the fibers do not tear off or unravel.

Kelim rugs

· Treating spills on Kelim Rugs

If spills occur, it is best to immediately take care of the stain since it becomes more difficult to clean when the stain settles. If it is solid pieces, you can use a spoon or the blunt end of a knife to scoop them gently, not to end up pressing them on the fiber and making the stain messy.

If the stain is liquid, then blot the surface using a cloth, sponge, paper towel, and blot under the rug. Lift the rug and pass clean water where there is a stained area and then finally blot the kelim rug.

· Handling Pet stains on Kelim Rugs

If the stain has dried, then it is best to seek professional cleaning, but if it is still wet, then cover the stain using baking soda. Afterward, set a cloth over the affected area and press down so that you can drive the urine into the baking soda. Use the spatula to lift baking soda from the rug and then rinse the affected area using warm water mixed with vinegar and leave to dry. Avoid the use of urine removal agents as they may destroy the fibers.

Kelim rugs may require a bit more attention in cleaning and maintenance, but with the right amount of patience, a kelim rug can stand the test of time and remain as beautiful as it once was when created. But despite it all, it is all worth the effort.

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