Best Sales Training Programs

Sales training programs can assist you and your group execute and prepare your home sales plans better. In addition, sales training programs contain many resources that will assist you in turning prospects into clients and closing high-value sales.

It is important to find reputable sales training providers that offer reliable and trusted information at a relatively good price. One of the best and trusted course providers for virtual and in-person sales training is the New Home Sales Training. As a result, you can get the best sales training program that is cost-effective and appropriate for your business needs.

Here are some of the best sales training programs:

1.      Coursera Program

Coursera focuses on the art of sales. It is among the best sales training programs that help you master selling by covering various sales topics at a cheap price. If you are looking for a quality sales training program that won’t break the bank, Coursera is the best choice. You can understand the whole selling process through Coursera.

Coursera has some sub-courses specializing in prospecting and segmentation, building a toolkit for a sales process, closing and sales pitches and connecting with sales clients. In addition, you will be tested as you progress with practical questions and graded work.

You can complete the course within a few months by dedicating nearly three hours a week. When you finish successfully, you get a certificate for proving your expertise, even though it may not be very necessary compared to acquiring the knowledge.


  • Most of the sales topics in this program are related to creating an effective sales process.
  • It can be offered through virtual classes.
  • Professors provide it in universities for free.


  • Does not cover advanced sales techniques for the beginners’ course
  • It is a lengthy program, and it can take up to four months.

2.      Dale Carnegie

This program focuses on creating positive relationships to increase sales through modern principles from a book talking about influencing people and winning friends.

Dale Carnegie helps you, as a sales representative, to learn several aspects of a relationship, such as having a confident attitude, establishing credibility, selling customer-centric solutions and listening to a customer. This course is offered in many places around the globe.  


  • You can learn the entire course in a short time.
  • Focuses on business and relationship training
  • There are in-person training classes.


  • This program is quite expensive.
  • It is not easy to get a convenient session

3.      Rain Group Program

The rain group program is a relationship-based program with a modular approach of expanding sales skills to enhance high-value sales.

This course helps you purchase basic retail items, high-value services and products, and achieve better sales success by specializing in relationships. It is best for sales executives and consultants as it trains sales people to craft customized solutions for every customer.

This program can be customized to meet your business needs, such as online workshops, assessments, virtual training sessions, and coaching. It is proven that your client sales can improve up to 30% after completing this program.

The main topics covered in this program include; communicating value, sales conversions, building reports, avoiding sales mistakes and understanding buyers. This program can help your sales team grow confidently. The price depends on the customized training package you choose.


  • Has clear learning objectives to increase the sales results.
  • It is a custom program for your and your team’s needs.
  • Has both virtual and in-person sessions.


  • Consultation needed for a price quote
  • Customized offerings can be expensive

You can’t afford to have a poorly trained sales team since sales are essential to your business. For this reason, it is crucial to improve your sales skills or team sales skills through sales training programs. Enroll in any sales program of your choice to achieve breakthrough in your marketing.

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